Therapy Reports Pro Features List

Therapy Reports Pro has a tremendous amount of features packed into such an affordable software. This is no accident. Instead of the “top down” approach utilized by most of our competition in the industry, the developers of Therapy Reports Pro created a partnership with their users, where just about every feature in the program was suggested and/or vetted by users just like you. What is more, the software has been created, tested, and perfected over a period of 6 years before we even considered bringing it to market. This results in a feature list larger than most of our competition, but also results in features we know you will use and enjoy! Practice Costs

Standard  Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine

  • Supports multiple practices
  • Allows multi-platform data entry: desktop, tablet, iPad, stylus input, voice to text, mouse, keyboard
  • Integrates with your scheduling system (ex. Spectrasoft-Mediware Appointments)
  • Get an appointment list for “Today’s Patients”, either by importing from a CSV file, or by adding appointments
  • Integrate with your billing System
  • Integrate with Mckesson’s Lytec Medical Billing System without the use of HL7
  • Integrated built in fully featured backup can be scheduled, can email, can FTP
  • Backup Logs provides status of past backup jobs
  • Use Tablet Friendly Look-ups that include look-up keyboards
  • Non ASP model, no worries if weather kills your internet connection

Program Features

Case Management

  • Same patient, multiple case capabilities
  • Unique visit and authorization expiration tracking
  • Copy details from an existing case to a new case

Template Customization

  • Unlimited customize-able templates
  • Can add multiple templates per initial evaluation
  • “On the fly” modification of selected template

User Created Report Formatting

  • Easily customized report layouts based on “Microsoft Word” documents
  • Attach edit capable Word documents to patient’s charts
  • Attach viewable PDF files to patient charts
  • Attach images (jpg, bmp, png) to chart and annotate as needed
  • Keep a list of “favorite” supporting documents, such as body diagrams
  • Keep and maintain a medication list
  • Keep and maintain a medical history
  • Track chief complaint, Date of Injury (DOI) or Surgery (DOS), etc.
  • Maintain and track referring and primary care providers
  • Maintain and track surgical procedures, diagnosis codes (either ICD10 or ICD9)
  • Track certification start and end dates, and work status
  • Specify which  column width, font size and row height for all tables, whether displayed on screen for data entry or printed on a visit note report
  • Update the patient’s Chief Complaint from the visit Notes screen
  • Select custom visit note reports on a per visit, or per template basis
  • Automatically have the program remove assessment items left blank

Visit Type Reporting

  • Pick from 4 different Note Types of Visits or Reports/Notes: Initial Exam, Daily Note, Progress Report and Discharge Summary Report
  • “Count-down” function of authorized visits
  • Warning about pending referral source appointment
  • Immediate creation of  a progress or discharge report based on assessment data already entered into the system from prior reports
  • Assign popup warnings for patients, such as allergies, special billing requirements, FLR requirements, name and/or account conflicts, etc.
  • Track a complete visit history from the patient’s chart, see which visits have been signed, and which notes have just been created.
  • Seamless transition between report/note function and scheduling (Lytec integration)
  • See the first and last visit, number of visits, first and last note, and number of notes at a glance.
  • Search for patients by chart number, or name. Auto complete functionality based on name or chart number
  • Track and assess functional and objective measures
  • Track Goals, Plan, Narrative, and Today’s Treatment
  • Track Objective Data Measures using innovative header and sub-header layout
  • Track both short and long term goals, move goals from short to long term and vice versa
  • Move, insert, delete and re-organize assessment items and “headers” on the fly.
  • Create narratives on the fly in seconds with abbreviations, click text, quick lists, and text fields. Supports Dragon “Naturally Speaking” voice dictation to text without the need for the expensive “Medical” version
  • Track “timed” and “non timed” intervention items automatically
  • Indicate “Current Pain Level” and “Prior Pain Levels”

Charge Code Entry

  • Charges are seamless linked to integrated billing program ( Lytec)
  • Includes PQRS and FLR appropriate codes
  • Allows charge code file creation for outside billing services per clinician, per date range

Multiple User Types

  • Clinician Licensed users, full reporting and visit signing rights
  • Non – licensed users ( no signing capability, no monthly fee)
  • Admin. users ( no monthly fee)
  • User type specific “Security Templates’
  • Integrated User Security with user Image
  • Assign Signatures and Initials to User Accounts
  • Default Scan Import Folder by User

Home Exercise Function/Therapeutic Exercise logs

  • Onboard home and therapeutic exercise utility
  • Print/Save your patient’s handouts with diagrams or images
  • Differentiate between Gym and Home Programs, as well as the Therapeutic Exercise log
  • Pick from hundreds of pre-loaded exercises, or create additional unique exercises for your practice

Medicare Functional Limitation Reporting “FLR”/PQRS reporting

  • Medicare Functional Limitation Reporting
  • Indicate Medicare Functional Limitation Reporting including goal, status, reasons, and limitation type.  Automatic application of  correct G codes to  Billing Reports.
  • Uses visit counter to indicate 10, 20, 30th visit
  • Score and track unlimited functional indices
  • Document PQRS “Measure” assessments, via “Today’s Treatment” function and appropriate codes are applied to billing report.

Custom Report Generation

  • Visit Notes Pending ( Not signed), per clinician
  • Discharged Patient Report, per clinician/date range
  • Patient Unanticipated Discharge Report per clinician, account type, etc
  • Pending Return to Referral Date Report, per clinician or date
  • Time lag of visit to note signing/completion per clinician