Physicians Software Solutions, Inc. Support Policy

Physicians Software Solutions uses a simple formula to determine if a support call is chargeable. If the issue is our fault, such as a bug with software we have written, or a mistake we have made, there is no charge for support. In addition, PSS provides the initial 30 days of free support on all products it sells, starting from the date of install.

Unless you have an unlimited support contract with PSS, ALL OTHER SUPPORT CALLS ARE BILLABLE at our normal hourly rate of $175 an hour, billed to the actual minute used. Use of PSS support services constitutes acceptance of this billing policy.


These tools will allow us to temporarily view your computer screen to help you diagnose and repair any issues with your computer or software. You will not be able to connect to a technician until you have been instructed to run this tool, as a technician needs to be ready for your connection and slight configuration variances would effectively prohibit our ability to connect to your computer. Your friendly neighborhood PSS technical support person will be happy to help you efficiently use these tools!